We Get Letters!

Like it or not, each issue, Tonic Publisher Jamie Bussin gives his thoughts on health and wellness.Welcome (Back)!

Hello. If you’re reading this column for the first time; welcome, I’m Jamie and I’m the publisher and editor in chief of this magazine. And you’ve probably received your copy of this issue of Tonic Magazine with your subscription to the Globe and Mail. You may be reading this column first, or last. I know some people like to read magazines back to front. I don’t judge.

If you’re not reading this column for the first time; welcome back. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read Tonic. You may have noticed some changes. Most obvious, is that for the first time this column, and every other inside the covers, is being printed on glossy paper stock. This is principally so that you feel both fancy and shmancy. Research shows that when one feels fancy (and shmancy) they retain more information. …and if you didn’t notice the change in paper stock until you just read it above, well then, you needed to feel fancy and shmancy more than you knew.

Another material change to the magazine is that we’ve increased the number of copies delivered with the Globe and Mail, from 10,000 to 20,000 each issue. So, maybe it’s been months or years since you’ve received us at your door. We just wanted to make sure you didn’t have an excuse not to read us. It’s all on you now. Of course we’re also still available, free on racks at many fine health and wellness, or independent grocers across the GTA. You can visit our website to see the retail locations where you can pick up your copy. Unfortunately, one of the collateral results of Covid-19 is that some of that cohort is temporarily (or sadly, permanently) shuttered. So, we concluded, if you can’t go get us, we’ll come to you. Le voila.

These improvements to the magazine are made possible because Tonic is now a proud member of The Zoomer Media family. Over recent years our connections have grown, starting with cross-marketing through our various media channels. Progressing to me broadcasting THE TONIC Talk Show on Zoomer Radio, and culminating in the magazine, live events and the talk show being purchased by Zoomer in Fall 2020. I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to speak to health and wellness, and now with more resources behind Tonic, to expand the scope of that messaging. It’s a win-win-win (for Zoomer-Tonic-and you the reader/listener).

But, not everything has changed. I’m not a fool. …well, I suppose in some respects I am. But I do appreciate that health and wellness readers like continuity. So, we’re committed to bringing you the best information possible about nutrition, and diet and cooking, and nutraceuticals, and exercise and yoga…and sexual health…and mindfulness, …and spiritual health, and sleep and innovation. And tarotstrology. I don’t want to revisit the barrage of hate mail I received the last time we didn’t publish that column. As I said, I’m not a fool (although some of you whose signs are aligned with Mars may need to get their astrological houses in order).

I look forward to sharing more of our exciting plans to grow Tonic over the course of coming months. In the meantime, I invite you to partake in what makes this magazine great: Joel Thuna discusses a natural approach to eye health. Carlyle Jansen explores non-monogamy and polyamory as choices. Timothy Ko explains how psychedelics can be used clinically to treat addictions  and Naomi Bussin reviews the latest hot cookbook “East” . If you want to learn more about any of those topics you can visit thetonic.ca and listen to full interviews on those topics. As always, if you’d like to discuss this note or anything you’ve read in this issue, feel free to reach out to me.