Welcome to this episode of The Tonic, terrestrially broadcast on January 13, 2017 on AM740 and FM 96.7 in Toronto. Topics covered on the show track the lifestyle articles and themes published in Tonic Magazine. This week we discuss the health benefits of Milk Thistle with Master Herbalist, Joel Thuna; the importance of reducing sugar intake with Dr. Jodi Larry and the cookbooks that will help you reach your healthy goals with Tonic Cookbook Reviewer Naomi Bussin.

We specifically discuss:

Health Benefits of Milk Thistle:

  • What is Milk Thistle?
  • What are the active components in Milk Thistle?
  • How does Milk Thistle help liver health?
  • How does Milk Thistle help combat diabetes?
  • How does Milk Thistle help gall bladder health?
  • Can Milk Thistle help fight cancer?

The Importance of Reducing Sugar Intake:

  • How does sugar affect the brain?
  • Why is sugar so addictive?
  • What is the connection between sugar and mood?
  • Tips to reduce sugar intake

The Top Cookbooks to Help Reach your Healthy Goals in 2018

  • Which cookbooks will help reduce sugar intake?
  • Which cookbooks will help reduce meat?
  • Which cookbooks have the best vegetarian or vegan recipes?
  • Which cookbooks will help if you’re trying to cook kid friendly meals?
  • Which cookbooks include unique cuisines?


For Joel’s article about Milk Thistle in Tonic Magazine go here. 

For Naomi’s latest article on Cookbooks in Tonic Magazine go here.

For information on Dr. Jodi Larry go here.

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