Welcome to this episode of The Tonic, terrestrially broadcast on January 9 and 10, 2021 on AM740 and FM 96.7 in Toronto. Topics covered on the show track the lifestyle articles and themes published in Tonic Magazine. This week we’ll discuss paying for our sins of excess over the holidays with Dr. Gordon Chang; the importance of marriage contracts with Sabina Haqqani; the natural approach to keeping your mood up during these challenging times with Dr. Emily Lipinski ND and the positive nutrition trends that came out of Covid-19 with Shauna Lindzon

We specifically discuss:

Paying For Our Sins of Holiday Excess

  • Holiday Sins
  • What approach should you take to correcting excess?
  • Boosting your metabolism
  • The proper approach to cleansing
  • “A good sweat”
  • What are reasonable expectations from a cleanse?
  • Liver, kidney and lung cleanses
  • Supplements to support exercise

The Importance of Marriage Contracts

  • What is a marriage contract?
  • What can you, or can’t you, contract for?
  • When will a court set aside part or all of a marriage contract?
  • Transparency and full disclosure
  • Independent legal advice
  • Do you need a lawyer to draft a marriage contract?
  • Are marriage contracts just for wealthy people?
  • Can you create a marriage contract after the marriage?
  • Can you amend a marriage contract?
  • Timing of the agreement and duress

How To Keep Your Mood Up, Naturally

  • Covid-19 and mental health issues
  • SAD
  • The connection between chronic stress and mood
  • The pillars of stress management
  • Food and your mood
  • Breakfast!
  • Avoiding refined foods
  • Mood boosting activities
  • SAD lamps

Positive Nutrition Trends Coming out of Covid-19

  • New culinary skills development
  • Food shopping
  • Caring for others’ nutrition
  • Eating for one

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