Welcome to this episode of The Tonic, terrestrially broadcast on February 13 and 14, 2021 on AM740 and FM 96.7 in Toronto. Topics covered on the show track the lifestyle articles and themes published in Tonic Magazine. This week we discuss the connection between Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease with Dr. Alice Cheng, what to look for in health and wellness products with Dr. Eldon Dahl ND, the treatment of meniscus tears with Dr. Erin Boynton and building muscle as we age with Jodi Farber

We specifically discuss:

Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease

  • The link between Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease
  • Common risk factors
  • Why are people with Type 2 Diabetes 3x more likely to develop heart disease?
  • Those with Type 2 Diabetes assessing personal risk
  • What is prediabetes?
  • The glucose blood test
  • Controlling and reversing Diabetes
  • Lifestyle choices and medications
  • How can those with Type 2 Diabetes reduce risk of heart disease?
  • Are people necessarily aware that they are diabetic?
  • The benefits of virtual medicine
  • Some good coming out of Covid-19
  • What should people with Type 2 Diabetes or heart disease do?

What to Look For in Health and Wellness Products

  • Changes to the health and wellness industries in the 1990’s
  • The production of amino acids
  • What to look for in an amino acid
  • What are the differences between multi-vitamins in the Canadian market?
  • What should we look at in Melatonin?
  • Obtaining licensing for thyroid products

Treating Meniscus Tears

  • What is the meniscus?
  • How can you injure your meniscus?
  • The structure of the meniscus: the red and white zones
  • Operations vs. other treatments
  • Factors determining whether you’re a candidate for orthoscopy
  • Torn meniscus and arthritis
  • Long term problems of a torn meniscus
  • Exercise to help recovery
  • Surgical repair of a torn meniscus
  • Downsides of surgery

Building Muscle as We Age

  • Natural loss of muscle as we age
  • Reasons for building muscle
  • Reasonable expectations for building muscle over 50
  • Considerations if you’re intent on building muscle
  • The role of proper nutrition
  • Go to exercises and programs

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