I’m the Publisher of The Tonic Magazine and the Producer and Host of The Tonic Talk Show and Podcast. I’m a husband and father of three. I’m also a former commercial litigator. When I was 38 years old I weighed 242 pounds. I was unhappy, unable to sleep, and very unhealthy. My father, who was my law partner, had a series of health issues: Lactose intolerance, ulcerative colitis, a heart condition culminating in a heart attack, and resultant quadruple bypass, at which time his Type 2 diabetes was diagnosed. Then, during a colonoscopy, his colon perforated and the doctors found the late-stage colon cancer that eventually took his life.

I knew that if I didn’t fix myself I was heading down a dangerous path. It took me a year. But I lost 52 pounds through a regimen of exercise and better nutrition. I thought that if a Type-A personality like me could do it, anybody could. So I started the magazine and changed my life.

In 2023, at age 57, my colon also perforated – though not due to cancer, but rather an acute case of diverticulitis that went septic. I underwent emergency life-saving surgery and spent over two weeks in the hospital recovering. I credit my healthy lifestyle for not only increasing my chances of surviving the medical emergency but also for my speedy recovery and a prognosis of full recovery. I believe that my own decisions helped to save my life.

I also believe that all aspects of our health are interconnected: diet and nutrition, exercise and mobility, sleep, sociability, and peace of mind are all crucial lifestyle components largely within our control. I’m still learning what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Please join me on my continuing journey.